Villa GCSV3-1SBH

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Property ID : GCSV3-1SBH

  - Prestige Villas


Villa GCSV3-1SBH is a villa which offers its guests the full VIP treatment whilst on their vacations. Not only does it provide incredible luxury and comfort, but there is also a full concierge service to make a holiday there simply perfect.


It is a large property, spread out over 22,000 ft2. Architecturally unique, the villa seems to blend effortlessly into the natural environment rather than imposing itself upon it. The best example of this is the pool, which also happens to be the largest private one on the island at over 90ft long. This free-form rock edge pool links all the living areas to the guest cottage, and really has to be seen to be believed!

The house and its décor have been influenced, designed, and expanded upon by many artists. It has a very creative feel to it, and so it is no surprise that musicians, artists, writers and celebrities choose to stay here due to its originality and unique charm.


The entire property feels at one with nature, and utilizes organic materials, earthy colors, and water to make this happen. This doesn’t mean that modern comforts are sacrificed though – Far from it. Villa GCSV3-1SBH has WiFi throughout, iPod docks, quality sound systems and more. The property has air-con in the living and sleeping areas, safes in all the rooms, and a huge private car park.

In addition to the main property, there is also the opportunity to rent a smaller private cottage, which would be suitable for a nanny or even older children who want their own privacy.

As well as the benefits of the property, Villa GCSV3-1SBH also has a full concierge service. This is provided by people who know and love the island well, and so they can easily satisfy any wish and answer questions which gusts may have. Whether they organize a boat trip, or book a restaurant, they will only provide the very best service to guests of the villa.

Villa GCSV3-1SBH has staff who clean daily, and look after the house keeping and the gardening. If guests require a cook or child nurse, these can also be arranged.

Prices on demand.

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