Villa VITV6-1SBH

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Property ID : VITV6-1SBH

  $1,250 per night - Prestige Villas
6 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms
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Villa VITV6-1SBH is situated in Camaruche, and offers incredible views of the surrounding countryside and sea from its elevated hillside setting.


This six bedroom villa is simply stunning, with its indoor and outdoor areas boasting a wealth of features, and an extremely high level of attention to detail shown throughout. Suitable for large family groups or friends, everyone will enter vacation mode as soon as they reach the property.
Five of the villa’s six bedrooms are complete with en-suite baths. The King-bed master suite also has a dressing room and sitting area. Two of the double bedrooms are situated near to the main entrance to the villa.
A further two bedrooms are located at the lower level of the villa, one of which has it’s own small kitchen. The other room opens up onto a well kept cacti garden which also has a sitting area. The villa’s mini-gym can also be accessed off from this room.
The sixth room take the form of a  traditional Creole « case ». This has a  king bedroom within which is a splendid four poster bed. This bedroom does not have an en-suite, however the bathroom is to be found in a bungalow next door. This bedroom also has its own separate air conditioning unit. Of course, the entire property benefits from a good quality air con system.

The other areas of the villa include large indoor and outdoor spaces for living and dining, and a kitchen that a professional chef would be proud of. Outside, there is a wonderful infinity pool, which can be heated during the winter, lush tropical gardens, and a general atmosphere that encourages people to relax. There is no place to do this better, than by taking a walk up the nearby rugged path, and enjoying the sunset from the hilltop deck.

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